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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday 6th August 2006 - San Francisco

I have a sore throat and cold... checked out of my cute little map room at the Hotel des Arts.

Off to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art where I met Shannon O'Neill and went to see the Matthew Barney exhibition drawing restraint.
montgomery station - san fran

From here decided to tag along to an new music event: The 6th Annual Transbay Skronkathon BBQ at the Grand Gallery in Oakland for an hour or two.
Transbay Skronkathon - Grand Gallery Oakland
Met a few people that Shannon knew - including a Henry Warwick who's editing internet media theorist Geert Lovink's upcoming book.
Henry and Somaya discuss...

Took the train back to San Fran to collect my new little suitcase - that despite trying to pack light feels like it weighs a ton of bricks.
bay area rail map
Then caught the CalTrain down to San Jose.
view from CalTrain
Met another Australian guy as I was getting off the train in San Jose and as his bus didn't leave for a few hours went to have vege burritos for dinner in a little place somewhere. They were okay - but I have to say that liquid cheese that comes from a pump-top tub is just so very wrong.

Having been here in the USA all of two days I'm constantly surprised at the open and helpful attitude that many people have expressed. People who are obviously in a much worse off life situation than I am in - working long hours in "not so exciting" jobs and probably quite poor - yet having some concern for a random traveller and ready to try and give me info. (I've also caught a few snappy bad attitudes aswell). People always ready to help out. I'm also really drawn into the range of cultures and of languages. While standing watching and listening to the crowds - I can hear people switch back and forth between English and so many different languages.

Arrived at my new hotel, the St Claire which is incredibly extravagant (especially for the room prices - which are a special deal associated with the ISEA festival). I've never stayed anywhere quite like this before...
st claire hotel - san jose Makes me feel better as the cold has set in now...


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