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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Monday 7th August 2006 - San Jose (ISEA)

Left the St Claire hotel (view from the foyer - with mirror at the end to extend the perspective...)
st claire hallway

The first day of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts. I spent quite a bit of time walking around trying to find the symposium locations - after locating a the main symposium ticketing area where I could pick up my pass. Passed a red balloon... a mobile media work.

red balloon

I found the Martin Luther King Jnr Library where the first session was on. The library is a very new and snazzy building with escalators and data display boards mounted to walls (I didn't take a photo - wasn't too sure about whether I was allowed to or not) plus a few Library trucks - for transporting books - parked outside. It seems that the Pacific Rim New Media Summit - which I was very much hoping to attend today - is an invitation only event. This wasn't advertised anywhere on the website (or anywhere else for that mattter) and I met a number of different people who had also tried to get into this session and who were also dissappointed.

Instead I spoke with a number of different artists (including Katherine Moriwaki, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, John Malila) about the complexity in their work. It seems that many of these people are using physical objects interfaced with computer programs.

John Malila had an installation with a number of different typewriters and also a pen a a book hooked up to a computer - so that the sound of the typing was being processed and delayed from when someone started to type. It

typewriter installation

typewriter installation

In the evening I went to a screening of Ryoji Ikeda's works C41 and a new data aesthetics. This was a stereo audio work with accompanying video - addressing aesthetics associated with pure data and looking at a synthesis between the audio and visual component. As we were arriving at the venue about half a dozen cop bikes and a cop car - sirens and flashing lights blazing - accompanied two tour buses to the outside of the venue - apparrently Ryoji's special guests had arrived? Only in America...

cops accompanying buses

I then ran into a whole group of Australians who are here for the event: Melinda Rackham (ANAT), Cecelia Cemelewinski (Australia Council for the Arts), Megan Heyward (UTS), Amanda McDonald Crowley (Eyebeam), Julianne Pierce (Adelaide Festival), Sophea Lerner (Sibelius Institute), Nigel Helyer plus a number of others - from UNSW, UTS, WA and also some based overseas.


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