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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wednesday 9th August 2006 - Oakland (California Digital Library)

Off to the California Digital Library this morning. Giving a presentation about our work at the Library and hopefully this will spark some engaging discussions...

First I met with Stu Sugarman about the Digital Preservation Repository (DPR) framework. This was a short half-an-hour meeting but hugely valuable. He talked about what the repository needs to do versus what it could do. The respository should be just that. It doesn't need to do anything more than manage fairly basic metadata and the object. Any unpacking of a bundled object in the repository should be done by an unpacker system. Having thought this through on and off during the day, it seems fairly obvious yet it simplifies the whole system and makes it more modular.

Gave the presentation to a meeting room of about eight people. I had an hour to present and finished with about a minute or two to spare. I talked about our experiences in developing the Digital Collection Manager, Delivery Systems, Discovery Services, Persistent Identifiers and the IT infrastructure that has been put in place. (I reappropriated a number of slides from Monica Berko's and Gerard Clifton's powerpoint presentations - particularly the ones with diagrams and statistics.)

The issues raised at the end of the presentation are the same issues that the CDL is having - minus the physical format digital carrier issues. They do not (so far) have any floppies or CDs, DVDs etc to deal with. The discussion continued over lunch that I had with John and Paul.

Met with Kirsten who is the Digital Preservation person for the CDL. Her role differs considerably to what we're doing at the NLA. She's only working on developing the policies for digital preservation.

Also met with Robin Chandler and Paul Fogel to talk about their book digitisation project - and any of the complexities they've found in this.

Spent the afternoon reading through some documents and then walked back to the hotel along Franklin street. There's a piano just near the doorway to the hotel and a guy is playing jazz on it.

There are some Australian PhD students also in the Bay area for the Apple Developers conference. They called to see if I wanted to have dinner - so i decided to head into San Fran this evening.
Huge tasty salad at an Italian place with Toby, James and Jeff (a friend of a friend of Toby's - who's lives somewhere up near Walnut Creek).
toby james jeff

I also had a lift back to my hotel in Oakland...
random lights

the city night shadows and lights
orange bridge tunnel lights


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