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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday 10th August 2006 - Oakland (California Digital Library)

Woke up this morning from a phone call from Australia. Told me the news of suspects being detected and detained at Heathrow airport. Apparrently no-one is being allowed to travel with hand luggage onto a plane from there. Hope that it's not going to be the same here as I'm travelling with my laptop and AV recording equipment.

The sun is beaming into my room, heating it up quickly. I love the warmer weather.

Walked to work through downtown Oakland - from 10th Street down Franklin to 20th Street. So easy when the streets are numbered. Passed people from all walks of life on the street at 8.45am in the morning - it's what I appreciate about this place.

A few of the CDL staff:
Somaya Langley, Robin Chandler, John Kunze, Paul Fogel
Somaya Langley, Robin Chandler, John Kunze, Paul Fogel

Kirsten Nielsen, Trisha Cruse, Somaya Langley, Tracy Seneca
Kirsten Nielsen, Trisha Cruse, Somaya Langley, Tracy Seneca

Met with Stu Sugarman this morning. We talked about the CDL's Digital Preservation Manager (DPR) and the framework architecture. It's highlighted a few things about what the role of a digital repository should actually be. His approach - keep it simple. Which is nice, as that confirms my thinking so far too.

Then met with John Kunze, Paul Fogel and other developers to talk about METS and how they've been using it. I think the benefits of the role of the CDL is that they develop the systems for other contributors (around 100) - mainly from Universities. They don't actually have to do the digital preservation work itself. The downside is that by developing a system where there are 100 or so contributing departments/organisations is that it's hard to develop systems that are generic and yet cater to fairly diverse requirements. I'd say it's the opposite for the NLA. Upsides and downsides.

For the last ten minutes of the meeting, the discussion shifted to managing audiovisual resources - particularly delivery. I started to talk through some of the issues and some of the National Library of Australia's experiences in developing our Audio Delivery System. Wrote up a document of how we developed our Audio Delivery System and the points we had needed to take into consideration when selecting delivery, particuarly streaming server options.

Walked down to the lake at lunch with a falafel from the guys in the little sandwich shop round the corner. They wanted to speak Spanish with me. I really only know a few words and none of them help me right now...
lake in oakland
geese at lunch

John and I headed up to the roof top of a nearby building. Sat up here for an hour or so and discussed persistent identifiers indepth - possible flaws to watch out for in developing a scheme. We talked about the ARK Persistent Identification format and it's uses, so far, in the web archiving field. The thinking behind the ARK is something that needs to be taken into consideration for complex object PIs too.
oakland building - tall
oakland building - green
oakland buildings - view
oakland building - theatre
At the end of the day a small group of the CDL staff headed off to a little bar up a few blocks. Cafe Van Kleef - with it's dark red walls, lined with so many objects - paintings, bric-a-brac... plus drinks of fresh grapefruit juice and gin. Occupying the middle of the bar are people in the midst of a community meeting of sorts.

Later in the evening, after having a rest, I headed into San Francisco to SFEMF. Made it to the second half of the performance. Missed the first half as it took ages to get a cab, and i didn't particularly want to walk to the part of town it was in. In the end, instead of getting a cab back to the hotel, one of the event organisers - Matt Davignon - was sweet enough to give me a lift back as he lived on that side of the bay. Once again SF hospitality in it's full force.


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