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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Friday 11th August 2006 - San Jose (ISEA)

Packed suitcase again. Each time I do it, its a little tighter. I seem to be accumulating printouts of library-related documents. You'd think as this trip is all about the digital, that I'd be only acquiring digital copies - not so.

Checked out of the hotel in Oakland. The guy who comes in to play jazz tunes on the mini-grand (and who calls me sweetie) is already there playing away.

Caught the train from Oakland back to Montgomery Station in San Francisco. This is starting to feel quite familiar and I've been here less than a week. There's a great view near West Oakland Station - the shipping docks, with miles of shipping crates and these huge creature-like cranes that look like something out of Star Wars. Apparrently these were George Lukas' inspiration for some of the machines in one of the Star Wars films. Too many people on the train, to be able to be subtle.

Cab to the Cal-Train station as I want to get to San Jose as soon as I can, and arrive with just a few minutes to spare. Hop off the train at San Jose Dirradon station and walk up to my hotel.
house and crossing
Not too far, now that i know where i'm going this time.

Now the symposium is in full swing. Not far from my hotel there's a kareoke ice-cream truck which is actually one of the festival projects. The weather is getting quite warm and they've got loads of free icypoles - what a great way to be welcomed into a city.
ice-cream kareoke
more ice-cream kareoke

Drop my case off at the Saint Claire and head off to the symposium (which has been running since Wednesday morning). Lots of people around - using a range of the mobile media interactives
mobile media

Attended the session on networks - already well underway by the time I get there.
symposium venue
Enaging group discussion between Ned Rossiter (Aust), Jon Ippolito (US - and who collaborated with Richard Rinehart on the Variable Media Art project), Joline Blais (US), Steve Anderson. The topic is focussed on the notion of networks, failures in only using top-down system approaches and looking at more organic approaches such as the ways in which communities develop at the ground level. The concepts being discussed here really apply to development of functional networks or sustainable systems to handle complexity.

An early dinner before the Survival Research Labs show - happens to be with the developer of NATO.0+55+3d software.

Survival Research Labs performance has crowds like those at a rock show - drawing on that element of the spectacle.
crowd at survival research labs


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