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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday 13th August 2006 - San Jose (ISEA)

The symposium is now winding down, and the works are starting to be dismantled. I sat in the park just near the hotel and ate some breakfast and glanced at the papers that I'd wanted to see but hadn't - including Timothy Murray who paper was on the archiving new media art at Cornell University's Goldsen Archive. (Saw a cute little squirrel - cute enough to go on cute overload - a site that my flatmate put me onto...)

back to the hotel to do a bit of research on where to buy a case for my equipment. I'm not going to be able to take it all handluggage on the flight back to Aus as I was here and its too fragile - and expensive - to be packed in just my suitcase. Dilemma.

Visited the San Jose Museum of Art - there were a range of works in the cafe including an table with 2-d swimming fish that interact with objects placed on the table.
swimming fishies

also lunch in the park - looked up at one point to see a mobile artwork just hanging around in the leaves...
thing in the leaves

Then went to see the Jennifer Steinkamp exhibition and then onto Edge Conditions exhibition - looking at (mainly) digital media art, and some just electronic based art.

Headed back to South Hall (where I'd been yesterday to see works) and to experience the ones that I hadn't had time for... but my brain is feeling quite saturated now.
taxi cab

then the matinee performance off Troika Ranch - a NY based dance ensemble who work with technology. They're known in the video/vj-ing world for Mark Coniglio's software Isadora. The work was more dance-oriented than I thought it would be - and definitely more minimal in the use of tech that I had expected. There were moments when dancer and video interaction were interwoven and many where the video and performers didn't gel. The harder edged video was in opposition the softer lighting which detracted from really immersing myself in the work. Needed to stick to one aesthetic than two - is my opinion.

Many of the presenters and artists have left San Jose today - and it was all to hectic to really speak in depth with anyone about their works (let alone interview them with my harddisk recorder that I brought all this way). I've got some names and contacts now so a follow up study via email might be the best way.


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