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Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday 14th August 2006 - San Jose

packed up my case again... and then spent most of the day in the lobby of the St Claire Holtel - catching up on a whole lot of email, doing some homework and preparing for this week. It's been a pretty hectic time since I've been here.

Caught the cal-train from San Jose (goodbye SJ...) back to San Francisco again. I feel like I'm getting to know this place pretty well now. It's a good feeling to get off the train in San Fran.

[No photos today - but I shot some video out the window from the top carriage in the train.] Infact I was shooting video near a place called Mountain View - home of Google and the Computer History Museum. It's not until I visit the Internet Archive (on Friday) that they say I should've organised a meeting with both of them.

Then switched to the BART and up to Berkeley. Coming up the stairs from the station, and onto the street - yet another feel, to another town. This is definitely more of the alternative, intellectual variety.

After dropping my bags off to the hotel, I went for a walk to find some dinner. On gut instinct found a Nepalese place where they served me a 'normal' amount of food. Unlike almost all other meals I've had since I've been here which have been massive. I feel awful leaving food to be thrown away when there are guys outside asking for change.

(The food was great at Mount Everest too - it's very much what I needed after such an intense last week.)


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