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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tuesday 15th August 2006 - Berkeley (BAM/PFA)

Met with Richard Rinehart at BAMPFA at lunchtime and then met with Nancy Goldman and Susan Wester from BAMPFA aswell. Rick and I talked about the MANS model that he has developed for notation of media art, then Nancy talked a little bit about film and video issues, including copyright. Finally Susan showed me through their CINEFILES database - which they're using to manage any film related materials - mainly ephemera. [Full details to come later.]

Went for a walk in the afternoon around Berkeley - there are some pretty lovely views around here:
street hill view

and also some amazingly huge Eucalypts here...

then back to the hotel in downtown Berkeley... okay so there's only one main street that runs for a few blocks (it's not a very big place at all).
fire door


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