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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Saturday 19th August 2006 - San Francisco

Today I have the whole day off to explore San Fran. Headed down to Rasputin Records near Market street and then off to the Ashbury Haight area.
Haight Street
Spent a whole lot of time wandering up and down Haight Street, thinking about what it was like when my mum was hanging out here in the '60s.
view from Haight Street
Spent the day hanging within a few blocks, buried in stores like Giant Robot - cool little toys including Miyazaki and Murakami stuff, a pretty yummy pizza shop and handing my coins out to guys on the street - some of whom look like they're roughing it pretty bad. Extremes.

When Haight Street started to close up at the end of the day, we for walk through the park.
view from the park
Its a pretty huge and amazing place. So many different venues and places in the park, including a compost heap!
san francisco park map

Back to the city and tried to get to a gig at the Audium. Arrived late and unfortunately they only let ppl in before the event starts, so missed out. Dissappointing.
Another night view
Went for a drink at a bar on the way home, and then to pack my bag - properly - before flying out on Sunday.


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