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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wednesday 16th August 2006 - Berkeley (BAM/PFA)

Walked up to BAMPFA again this morning.
on the way to BAMPFA

Met with Rick Rinehart at his little downstairs office space at BAMPFA. I had been planning to present a short presentation/discussion on the work that the Library is doing, however we had to change plans as Rick needed to get to the classroom earlier to setup for his summer session class.
Somaya Langley and Richard Rinehart
I went along to the summer session class where his students presented their work that they had carried out at ISEA - they had analysed a number of different artworks each and then, using the MANS model and the Final Cut pro database that Rick has developed, add in as much detail as they could about the artworks. The class was divided into groups and each group had reviewed three artworks, which they spoke about. While most of the talks glossed the surface of metadata issues, they also had to submit documentation in the form of a Filemaker Pro MANS database file. These would be interesting to see.

Caught a train into San Fran to go to the Recombinant Media Labs. It's a fabulous performance venue and has only been running for less than a year. Full of surround video and sound, the audience immerse themselves into the experience whilst seated, lying on the carpet.
carkpark at night (san fran)
Took this whilst walking back towards the train station


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