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Friday, August 18, 2006

Thursday 17th August 2006 - Berkeley (CNMAT)

Was getting ready to head off to BAMPFA this morning... unfortunately my meeting with Jen Pearson the Digital Media Developer was cancelled.

I decided to call a friend of a friend - Scot Gresham-Lancaster - who's been part of the SF contemporary music scene for many years - as I'd been given contact details but hadn't had a chance to make any plans. Luckily for me he was around and decided to put everything that he was doing for the day on hold. His wife Kathy and he arrived and took me to a newly discovered favourite mexican restaurant of theirs. Mmmm.

Scot, Kathy and I headed to CNMAT - the Centre for New Music and Audio Technologies - to see if i could have a quick look around.
Scot, Kathy, CNMAT
The Spanish architecture of this little house is beautiful.
stairs at CNMAT
Met Adrian Freed (with a fantastic multichannel speaker in development).
Adrian Freed and speaker
Ended up spending quite a bit of time there talking about a range of different things - anything from new sensor interfaces to music information retrieval to genre classifcation metadata to chemical sensitivities.
From here dropped into Mills College very briefly (infact for about 5 minutes as Les Stuck was just on his way out the door...).
Mills original equipment
Concert hall at Mills
So glad that while I was in this area I had the chance to see these places.

In all their hospitality, Kathy and Scot took me home for a cup of tea, which turned into many hours of conversation, tea and dinner with them plus their three cats and dog. Finally they decided to drive me all the way back to SF and drop me off at my hotel, the Hotel des Arts. Checked into another cute room here...
hotel des arts - new room
hotel des arts - new room again
hotel des arts - new room more


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